The idea to name it “Peace of mind” comes from the time i spent in school with my cousin. He had an ambitious plan to have sessions of intense debates open for all. He made me a part of it and somehow i feel i am making him a part of this.

Book Review-The Fault in Our Stars

By Jon Green

Sickness only makes romance a better read and the author has taken its full advantage, as he should have, to bring out the heartfelt emotion of its readers with his compelling little story about two young people in love. It is hard to imagine it as a bestseller because it was no incredible story but its popularity again proves the point that we value the ordinary too for without it there is no significance for the extraordinary. The character of Augustus Waters has had a notable impact on me with his bizarre means of pitying and his eccentric metaphorism to death. I like the way he pulls out a cigarette, puts it in his mouth and doesn’t give it the power to kill and metaphorically cheats death, which holds more importance to him than his life itself.
All books teach us something and if not what is the point of reading and thereby I have some lessons I will take back from the book. Firstly I learnt why life is so sought after from people who don’t have it and that I need to appreciate it for what it is and not crib about what it is not. Secondly cancer never seemed such cool way to die with all the cancer perks and the Genie Wish establishment. Lastly the book celebrates love reminding us yet again that there are no eligibility criteria that one has to be tall or short, thin or fat, rich or poor, cancer or no cancer but in faith that it exists.

Book Review-Jane Eyre

By Charlotte Brontë

Jane Eyre has only made my sickening thirst for classics evermore haste. My taste for novels isn’t the story or the plot but the author’s work of words that fascinate very inch of my imagination and “Jane Eyre” has struck me right where some books usually do. Charlotte’s descriptive writing turns my mind into a surreal dream so beautiful that reality seems so poor in the aesthetic sense.
My review wont be a synopsis but only my feelings about the book and also how it inspires me in different ways. After reading the book, I seem to look for beauty wherever I can find and take a while to appreciate very dimension of its handsome features.

The sun never looked or the moon ever so bright,
Or the clouds seem so much in light.
Give me the power
Give me the strength
To bring thy beauty in the heart of men
Who see nothing but pure sight.

Also, my favourite part in the entire novel is when Jane is left destitute and is wandering on new roads, sleeping under the open sky and feeding off on waste anybody who offered. How she isn’t afraid of poverty inspite of living all her life in an affluent environment but taking it up as a phase that will pass soon, as it did.