Book Review-Little Princes

By Conor Grennan

I haven’t been aspired enough to travel the world like a maniac until I came across the experiences of Conor. He has somehow stirred the feelings I have had within me for years and given me a sense of direction which only a few are able to do. On the other hand I am ashamed of myself for forgetting where I come from and how inspite of being a Nepali I was unaware of so many places and cultures in my own country.
It is a simple read, blended with emotions and journeys throughout and you live the story vicariously through the author’s words as if you are right behind him on his journey. My favorite part of his journey was the time he spent in Humla looking for families of the lost children and savoring the timeless expressions of parents, who were learning about their children they had lost years ago, in words. His only reward: food, shelter and their immense gratitude.
My gratitude to the author for his ceaseless works in my country and thanking him for inspiring me to do the same.

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