Book Review-Great Expectations

By Charles Dickens

I wish, I could in simple words explain my earliest experience with Dickens but I seem to be in loss of words for I have no conclusion to provide. For sure, Dickens is the foremost literary figure and his work is applauded worldwide but I have nothing to say to back his gigantic façade.
It was a difficult read and all the more complex with Dickens’s witty sarcasm where I actually lost him. I received exactly what an ardent classics reader expects when he /she picks up a 19th century novel. Dickens’s style seemed different from his contemporaries and probably also the reason why he has been hauled all these years.
As to Pip’s expectations, he did fairly well by the end of it. Miss Havisham seemed a very complex character from the writer’s point of view and so did Estella, an extended form of Miss Havisham, but the author handled it very skilfully.
The story came up with some suspense as to who is Pip’s benefactor, whereas the reader had already discovered and later plotted Estella’s family tree as soon as the author introduces the idea of it. The novel’s predictability spoils its reputation but nevertheless it is a work of high regard for me.
I still have difficulty imagining Wemmick’s house at Warloth.

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