The poem “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost talks a great deal about choices one shall encounter and the choices one makes defines his true character or stature. In everyday life we make a choice and in the process we obviously reject the others. But, is there a way we could formulate a method which could show the losses we bear for not opting for the others. In economics, the principle of opportunity cost reasons out such premises. It says that every choice involves trade-on and trade-offs, however if and only when the choices we yields more trade-ons and trade-offs, we have made the right choice.
Everyday around the globe a series of revolutionary ideas erupt and replaces its counterparts. In retrospection, we realize that on our way to up gradation we left something behind and only the absence of it makes the feeling more profound.
When civilization barged in, we readily accepted every aspect it. We made a swarm of choices which brings us to the present scenario, where we believe in god, where we create religion and then fight wars for dominance, where we curse poverty and then we go on a spree to destroy our own kinds. A wise man very aptly said,” A guilty conscience has no accuser”. The problems we face today are results of the horrendous choices we have made. One of them is the choice of creating barriers around us everywhere. These barriers exist in the form of religion, caste and class. These impenetrable barriers with such strong threshold are almost impossible to raze and achieve unity.
A land where notions of individualism is as shallow as its believers however, words such as ‘collectivism’ give an essence and unity shall prevail.

“Out beyond ideas
of wrongdoing and rightdoing,
there is a field,
I’ll meet you there.
-Jelaluddin Ruma, 13th Century

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