Book Review-Animal Farm

By George Orwell

I was surprised to find it a tiny story about animals on a farm (as the name suggests) however it also raises a lot of questions on a pig’s intellectual abilities.
Candidly, I expected a trance of intense and invigorating struggle, which would open a new dimension of rumination to occupy myself in the aftermath of finishing the novel; nevertheless it did have a significant message covered neatly behind the story of pigs.
The Message: Intelligence and knowledge toil together to corrupt equality and that, it is the basis of classification of beings (humans and animals both) into classes of superior and inferior.
My point being that every species on earth has been treated unequally with the gift of intelligence; in which case humans possess ample of it and are the epitome of superiority; hence the dominion of the lands of earth. For instance the human race were to be wiped down to zero, every last man dead, who were next in line to have the reins of this civilization: obviously the next set of species who are second to humans in intelligence. How would they rule? Just like humans, they would tramp down every other kind, exploit their territory and bring about destruction.
In some ways animals would be no lesser humans in times of power (of intelligence).
This novel was a simple read that uncovers a complex plot and takes time to assimilate.

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