Book Review-Love in the Time of Cholera

By Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Firstly I need to give credit to the translator: Edith Grossman, for his exceptional work of translation, also, his choice of words that make it a beautiful journey through various stages.
This book dissolves the reader into such a perpetual state of devotion to love that at some stage he becomes skeptic about life outside the concepts of it and attaches himself completely to worshipping his new idol. I think the author was overwhelming with love when he decided to write this novel and has passed on his notions with honesty and efficiency. Despite that, its becomes very vexing to understand Florentino Ariza’s uncalled commitment to the hopes of loving Fermina Daza someday which soon arises questions of possibility of ideal love and gives reasons to believe that the story is after all no extraordinary one.
I have noticed that the word “love” appears quite often in the small paragraph above but frankly there is nothing else spoken about in those 348 pages of the novel but about love or infidelity, loyalty or perversion and somewhere in corners something about ageing. I recommend people should read it a few times in various periods of their life to fully understand it.