We Are Not Alone

It was a dark night sky- the stars did not twinkle and the moon kept hidden- while I walked briskly on the roads of Delhi under it. I was half-drunk and was walking it off and it so happened that a strange apparition occurred to me as I stepped into the dreary narrow lanes that lead me to my rented flat, which I was sharing with some of my school friends. There is no physical evidence of what happened that night, as is usual with all phantasmagoric events, but sole memories. So as I strolled down those silent lanes that are always bustling with people during the day I couldn’t help but notice how unfamiliar the settings looked in its natural self. These new surroundings scared me and the silence only added to it. Consequently I walked faster and faster until I heard an utterance of footsteps behind me but I did not dare look back. My heart was exploding with fright, panic took over all my faculties and alcohol just enjoyed watching me be miserable. All this while my mind was still figuring out if I should look back or not when suddenly the shrillness of complete silence hit me and I ran for my life before concluding any possible causes. I zipped through the lanes, the air gushed through my teary eyes and everything in sight flew behind like a blur until I saw a familiar figure of a friend walking calmly towards me from the opposite direction and I slowed the hell down. I came to a stand still and bent down to take deep breaths while he slowly walked towards me. I cannot explain in words just how relieved I was to see him in that precise moment. He took a jolly good time to reach me while I was still bent down ducking for more air. He then came and stood by me and put his hand on my back. My lungs were aching and my head was already dizzy so I shrugged off the extra weight and stood up to look him in the eye.
The morning I woke up taking it for a bad dream but it all came back to me when I looked around. I had passed out in the middle of street; thankfully it was not late enough for everybody to rise.
If only anybody had seen a more intimidating pair of eyes it would be me. They were just dark and hollow-nothing else to it; just like the dark night sky above me. The pupil hidden away like the moon and the shine missing like the stars.