The Agitated Banker

He cries and cries about the drying rains,
Will it ever fill our drains?
He sighs and sighs about the beating heat,
Sitting under the fan on his whirling seat.

Got a job to do,
A mob to shoo,
and an intern too.
What an agitated banker!

But, he has his lores of Delhi to tell,
funny and intriguing are his tales, until
Someone rings his bell, and asks him
If he has any dollars to sell.

I sit opposite him
In state of sleepy dim,
Till morning turns into evening grim.
And then, he gives me a form to fill
which comes along a cheque and bill.
While I am at my job as stated
He walks around with his feet naked.

He sits there with his gloomy face
and does his work with cutting pace

While I sit lost in the world
of birds and rhymes.

The Mystery Bird

I saw you once in morning pale
In flocks you sailed in eastward trail
At times i thought I’d never seen one like you
But now I see you every noon.

I know you fly to a better place
And hide yourself in an empty space
From you I know I can run free
Till my lungs ache & long to breathe

As white as walls;
As frail as flies;
But wings are light
to bear you far.

I loose you in the horizon go
Swinging here in to and fro
Sit with me, and chat
Tell me all the places you have seen:
Dry as deserts or
green as hills, as
white as snow or
as blue as seas.
Tell me all the places you have been.

I know you are tired from head to knee
and thirst is killing all your team
But I can give you water for free and
set you sail in morning gleam

Haven’t seen you around for long
But oh mystery bird, all I know
You are safe and sound.

In Timbers and Teaks

Take it all away and
stamp it into dust,
For I am at the go
and I don’t need that rust.

Let me find rest amidst
those that I seek,
By them I shall live
in timbers and teaks.

Where is rain and
where is the breeze,
Where are clouds to
Cover the yellow beast.

Leaving all behind, I search
For that land
Where I can grow myself
something in the sand.

Break all bounds just
To lie down on the
and sing to myself
from morning to sundown.

“Let the streams flow and
Let the air blow,
Let the hills talk
While I take a walk”

I wish to linger awhile,
hidden from foul and vile,
In pursuit of you and I,
Invisible to the dark eye.