The Mystery Bird

I saw you once in morning pale
In flocks you sailed in eastward trail
At times i thought I’d never seen one like you
But now I see you every noon.

I know you fly to a better place
And hide yourself in an empty space
From you I know I can run free
Till my lungs ache & long to breathe

As white as walls;
As frail as flies;
But wings are light
to bear you far.

I loose you in the horizon go
Swinging here in to and fro
Sit with me, and chat
Tell me all the places you have seen:
Dry as deserts or
green as hills, as
white as snow or
as blue as seas.
Tell me all the places you have been.

I know you are tired from head to knee
and thirst is killing all your team
But I can give you water for free and
set you sail in morning gleam

Haven’t seen you around for long
But oh mystery bird, all I know
You are safe and sound.

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