I like the colour white, just like a cloud
That kites in the immense blue shroud.
But i like the colour blue too, for its modesty
To give the colour black, a chance to woo,
As it veils the sky at noon.
Nothing gives as strong a sense of eternity,
As the black night sky that stretches into infinity.
And yet, i like the colour green most, and
All the shades that it boasts.
The trees, the plants and the grass,
Are the most beautiful creation that had been sown,
and their patience, is yet to be known.
But what is favourite is relative,
Just like your own high regarding perspectives.
That is why, the colour ‘gold’,
Stirs in me, a memory that long lost its hold,
Of a ‘golden’ sun spreading its ‘golden’ rays,
On a golden beach; and enveloping me in the glory
Of the creator’s humility for his own creations.