Me: Oh Dear! I want to go to a place new, surround myself with people few

And, maybe set my art to brew.

Her: Ah! Well, I wish I would really know, if art is anything or just a show;

Then, I could go looking for, and sing my mind a peaceful lore.

Me: Yet a blooming sunflower you are, leaping to rays afar;

I can’t help but kiss

but you ask, why?

Let me tell, that

we are art, that

Art is nothing but everything we explore,

It is but a creation before, hidden though.

Oh! It’s truly sublime, a timeless stroke;

A thing of beauty needs a soul kiss, that is why.

Her: My darling, your talk is such fictional tales,

Also, you are my moon so pale.

Tell me

What you really mean;

Show me

Why you are so keen;

And take me

Where you have been.

Me: Forgive if I lead you astray, but it is the only way I can say.

A story of a thousand acts, yet only a story;

An imagination of a thousand colors, yet merely an imagination;

But if one unique experience, then a reality, an enlightening truth.

Her: It is the experience I crave; grab me while I rave,

And only just take me to the place you have saved.

Me: Oh poor fellow! Take this one journey

By yourself.

Seek it and experience it,

Art is thus wisdom, a journey of thousand kingdoms.

Feel it and love it,

Art is thus a child, beautiful and mild.

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