The Girl That Blew My Mind

I had gone shopping and came back with an image of a beautiful woman who blew my mind. I was walking around a bookstall in the mall when I came across a charming girl walking around the pile of books with her mind elsewhere and uninterested in what her company, apparently a boy, was saying. Instantly, I placed myself closer to get a better view. She had those mesmerizing hazy dark brown eyes but a pale look about her face. I wondered, what is that this pretty girl is troubled with and secretly wishing I was the answer to all her problems and that she would look right into my eyes and forget what it was that bothered her. I casually drifted behind her trying to find out what books she was looking over but her eyes dribbled over the pile so fast that it became increasingly difficult to identify her taste. She was dressed in a casual pink and grey striped tee hung loosely over her shoulders exposing the left string of her bra and the top of her cleavage. She wore a blue faded jeans accompanied with flats. The closer we came to each other the more conscious I became of my looks, so I resorted to digging my right hand in my right hand pocket and using my left hand to turn books and to stroke my hair occasionally. My lack of handsome exteriors couldn’t have disappointed me more than at that moment and how I wished that I were gifted with some beautiful features so that this enchanting girl would look up and notice them. Sadly, I don’t think the girl got a look of her admirer but she for sure left a mark on me. In those chaotic surroundings I was inspired to achieve the peace of mind to appreciate something I naturally admired and wished to see more of.

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